Our Kids
Phoenix the wonder dog!
Her Complete Story
Found March 1, 2000 - 17lbs


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Too Stupid to be President


Cincheetah's Words of the Next 2 Years!
Reshrublican, Evil-Doer, Hard Work
It appears these go hand-in-hand <g>

Hez Tu Stoopid Tu B Prezdent!

Bush Quotes Of The Day!


Moronic Presidential Musings!

Be Strong ...
Speak True
Spread the Peace!

Pretzel Logic?


A Guide for the Dangerously Stupid
Congratulations on purchasing a bag of "Mr Salty" Pretzels.
Correctly used, these salty snacks should provide minutes of healthy enjoyment, however, in order  to derive optimum pleasure, and minimal injury, we do
recommend that the following procedure is studied and followed.

1 x comfortable chair
1 x bag of pretzels (contents approximately 24 pretzels)
1 x television receiving equipment, tuned to the sporting event of your choice
Up to 3 dogs - cats or other pets are NOT RECOMMENDED
and could be DANGEROUS

  The "Unificator"

Shrub's One Finger Salute

Make 'Em Work for You!

Cincheetah's Grammar Lesson
Things you won't hear on NPR

Cincheetah's Deep Thought
You are the "L" in public television.

Ohio Female30's Deep Thought!
Doesn't it bother you that the three highest ranking 
US officials are named Dick, Bush and Colin?

Just my guess..this is why they needed...... a " John".

Bush's Deep Thought?
"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to
pass a literacy test."
—Townsend, TN, Feb. 21, 2001

  Wanted by FBI  

"I say to the nations of the world," Bush told an 
extraordinary joint session of Congress, 
"either you're with us, or you're with the pretzels."


He's One Tough Dick to Swallow


Osama Shrub Laden                Wipe with Bush Thru '08!


Life is a Journey 
a Destination


Nuff Said Part 2!

Are YOU Paying Attention?

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Ohio's Fallen
             My tribute film


YOU Watch YOU Decider

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Nuff Said Part 1!


Cincheetah's Musical Musings
(all sound files are in Real Audio format)

Melissa Etheridge Sights & Sounds
I get plenty of emails telling me my site ROCKS. 
You'll find plenty of old, new and rare sound files.
Check it out, you'll be glad you did if you're a fan!

Melissa Etheridge Sights and Sound Page

You will need 

Here is our  Etheridge Bootleg Trading List.   My boot partners and I
have added several shows since my last update. I'm dreadfully behind. 
Due to the volume of requests I recieve, I must ask you write ONLY if 
you can trade. I'd love to help everyone out, but alas, there is not 
enough hours in the day to do so. I hope you understand. 

I finally got my chit together and gave Melissa Ferrick
her props. You'll find my boot collection, sound files and 
photo links all in one place...novel idea eh? 

Sounds from the Concert for N ewY ork Cit y, October 20, 2001.

George Harrison Tribute Page -interviews and performances.

I did a little revamp and added quite a few files to my 
  Hall & Oates page.

Bootlegs of   Eric Clapton's Change the World, 
and  Somewhere Over the Rainbow   from Natiowide Arena 2001.

Of course I had to add a  James Taylor  audio page from 
Polaris Amphitheater 2001. 

Last but not least, eating up my server space
  Patty Larkin .
Give her listen, I think you'll pleased you did. 
She's a guitar goddess and one hell of a writer.

My Very Own David Lee Roth Video
(I'm driving the car)
A little interview I did with our local paper regarding the donation 
of  Roth's Benz. Yes...another 10 seconds of fame!

Riding with the Whales in 2007

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Stay Focused!


Stay focused on my nipple!           Stay focused on my frog!

Stay focused on my nose!

Stay focused on my hair! 

I just want to stay focused on my pot!

I just want to stay focused! Period!

Stay focused on WMD, evil doers and terrorists!


Where IS the WMD?


"Life does not happen in a steady stream.  There are minutes or days or years when goals become murky or disenchanting.

We are forced to rethink things, to muster our energy and refocus our sights-to regroove,
to start again-to regroove the dream."

- Patty Larkin - 2000


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